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[Gawker Media] Let's Take a Moment to Reflect Upon How Horrific Mexico Has Become

2012.05.24 20:13 gigavato [Gawker Media] Let's Take a Moment to Reflect Upon How Horrific Mexico Has Become

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Hamilton Nolan: Sometimes when you wake up in your nice comfortable (or at least reasonably comfortable) bed in your nice (or at least moderately serviceable) house or apartment here in the United States of America
Claaaro, en tu país no hay gente sin hogar, vagabundos, narcotraficantes, nunca ocurren matanzas.
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thurgie 16 minutes ago: Having lived in Mexico City, Oaxaca, and Guanajuato -- and being married to a Mexican whose family is from Juarez, I think I know a thing or two about the situation down there. For all you Mexicans blaming the United States, our guns, and drug appetites: you should take a look in the mirror. If there were genuine opportunities for Mexicans in their own country maybe they wouldn't turn to the drug trade. Your country has been run by oligarchs for centuries. The upper class privatize everything and rape the country of its resources, taking everything for themselves. There is no middle class. You either have a maid or you are a maid. Pay your police well so that they don't work for the cartels. I hate the way upper class Mexicans treat other Mexicans they feel are below them. Our country isn't far behind. The United States is turning into Mexico with its 1%, BTW
I'm with you UnitedStatesian Folk
Guttsu 55 minutes ago REPLY As a resident of Southern California I see these issues being raised pretty often. I just can't believe that we are allowing this crazy ass shit to go down pretty much right along our boarders. Most people give me crazy looks when I say that its time time to pull our armed forces back from the Middle East and forcefully rebuild Mexico. I also don't think they really know whats going on when they seemed so surprised. But this is Merca, and until both gangs spill out onto US soil in a bloody battle and accidentally kill some white kids, the general populace isn't really goiong to give a shit. And as a selfish side note, I really miss being able to take weekend trips to Puerto Nuevo.
No falta el gringo tarado
buddhaflow an hour ago REPLY Hey! Are you an American? YOUR politicians have caused this. YOUR tax dollars created and exacerbated this madness. YOUR government has given the drug traffickers a monopoly, and YOUR government has flooded the country with guns (Fast&Furious on one side / the military on the other). YOU are morally responsible unless you are actively fighting it tooth and nail. Good day!
fastjza80racer an hour ago REPLY "the victims most likely innocents." BS, do you have any facts to back up this statement, NO, because the violence is usually isolated within the drug trade. Also, interesting how these types of stories always work there way into the news right before a 3 day weekend. Also note the generalization of the country as a whole, "Mexico is F'd up". NO, it is not. Nuevo Laredo, Tijuana, Culiacan, Mazatlan, Alcapulco, Monterey and a few other select cities are, but for the most part it is a pretty big country and stop generalizing it as all bad dammit. It is like saying since East LA and Detroit are dangerous place let's just assume the rest of the USA is dangerous and not visit Scottsdale or Napa Valley because shit happened in another part of the country. Mexico is like everywhere else, there are good parts and bad. According to recent statistics, the homicide rate in Mexico is approximately 13 for every 100,000 individuals. FBI numbers list the murder rate for Baltimore as 43.3 to 100,000, Washington D.C. 29.1 to 100,000, and Detroit as 47.3 for every 100,000 citizens that is more than triple for Mexico, reflect on that.... I'm publishing my own travel warning for Detroit, no wait I mean the USA
Eso es lo que digo, ustedes tambien estan algo fregaditos
eileen_grey an hour ago REPLY Nice picture, Gawker. Still keeping it classy, I see. And you know who's fault this is? YOU people. That's right. All you Americans and Europeans who can't either grown your own or just give up your tiresome need to get high. So many of these problems would disappear in Mexico because without the demand there is no supply.
Mr.J an hour ago REPLY Hey Gawker! You do know this drug war is caused directly by asshole americans who gorge on cocaine and made worse by asshole NRA which provides the firepower 'cause gun ownership is a God given right and there should be no checkups on who buys their guns, even if they're selling them to the drug cartels, and religious assholes which pressure the government to keep cocaine illegal 'cause thay think it's inmoral or something.
A Friend Called 5 2 hours ago REPLY The only way a country could get this bad is if the people at the top are in on it, or turned their heads for a price.
phunkshun @A Friend Called 5 2 hours ago REPLY They basically do not have the infrastructure to handle narco-interdiction like we do. Its not like Mexico has a Federal Court System that can prosecute these guys and jail them. These sorts of things simply just don't exist and even if they did, they have to contend with basically two standing covert armies killing each other and buying off the government. Its a horrific situation with no end in sight.
A Friend Called 5 @phunkshun 2 hours ago REPLY That is horrific. How did it get so bad? All these years, no one had any foresight or took proactive measures? And no wonder people who want a better life flee.
Hoy aprendí que si existe gente Estadounidense que está conciente como su consumo nos afecta, y hasta eso tienen ideas similares a las nuestras en cuanto al combate de la violencia generada por el tráfico ilegal de sustancias ¿Que estamos esperando? Digo, inclusive gente de fuera tiene las mismas ideas que nosostros, hacer mas dura la aplicación de la ley, quitar poder a la clase alta y oligarcas(PRI), quizá un enfrentamiento directo entre el ejercito mexicano y los carteles.
Post Data: Los gringos que han expresado que la invasión a México sería la solución han recibido respuestas de descontento por parte de sus compatriotas, la neta, es una idea tonta.
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