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[S6] Crisis Viewers & General DC Fans! Welcome To Our Sub.

2019.12.04 22:48 sonofodin25 [S6] Crisis Viewers & General DC Fans! Welcome To Our Sub.

Hello everyone. With the Crisis finally here, I wanted to create this post to welcome new people to our Flash subreddit. As well as clear up some of the most common questions I see about Crisis! Maybe we can get this stickied or something for the week.
First off, let me start by saying that if you have some general knowledge of the DC Universe you should be fine going into Crisis. However, some moments may not carry the emotional weight or impact that they would for long term viewers.
Around a week ago I made this info-graphic to help those who want to catch up with DCTV. This should work pretty well, as I have selected episodes that will introduce you to most of the key players. It was pointed out to me by Ethan_Hood that the pilots for Arrow and Supergirl should have probably been on there in the first place, so i'd recommend those as well!
Sunday/December 8th at 8pm EST - Supergirl: Season 5, Episode 9
Monday/December 9th at 8pm EST - Batwoman: Season 1, Episode 9
Tuesday/December 10th at 8pm EST - The Flash: Season 6, Episode 9
January 14 - Arrow: Season 8, Episode 8 at 8pm EST & Legends: Season 5, Episode 1/9 (it's complicated) at 9pm EST
Black Lightning will also have a side-story set during Crisis on Monday, December 9th at 9pm EST
There will be some very minor spoilers for Crisis in some of the character descriptions, nothing that isn't already common knowledge around the internet but I just wanted to give a heads up just in case
The Flash - When Barry Allen was struck by lightning he gained the powers of super-speed and became The Scarlet Speedster, The Fastest Man Alive, The Flash. Residing in Earth 1's Central City, Flash was the first hero to discover the "multi-verse", a series of parallel Earths with both minor and major differences from our own. This season, The Flash has looked into the future and seen himself die to save Earth 1 from the Crisis. However, Barry isn't sure he's ready to accept death.
Green Arrow - After five years stranded on a "deserted" island, Oliver Queen came home with only one goal to save his city. With nothing but a bow and arrow, Oliver has saved Earth 1's Star City time and time again from the likes of Deathstroke, Ras Al Ghul, and more. In last years crossover, "Elseworlds" Oliver made a deal with The Monitor. The Flash and Supergirl were ready to give their lives to stop an evil Superman, and Oliver saved them by essentially becoming the Monitor's apprentice. This season, Oliver has been collecting items from the different earths for The Monitor. However, The Monitor has warned Ollie that he will die in this "Crisis". Last episode, Green Arrow finally came to terms with death and accepted his fate.
The Monitor - A mysterious seemingly all-powerful being who resides over and protects the multi-verse. He has gone around Earths testing and recruiting heroes for the upcoming Crisis.
Supergirl - Superman's cousin, another survivor of the planet Krypton. The protector of Earth 38, Kara Zor-El is a symbol of hope and inspiration to her world. With the help of The Martian Manhunter, and her super-spy sister Alex, Kara has saved her world from multiple alien invasions. However unlike The Flash and Green Arrow, no one has warned Supergirl about the Crisis and she has no idea what's coming......
Superman - Being Earth 38's first and most famous superhero, Clark Kent fights for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Upon finding out that Lois Lane was pregnant this Clark recently moved to Argo City (a small remain of the planet Krypton) so that Lois could safely deliver their child.
Superman - Kingdom Come - The Superman from the movie "Superman Returns", very Christopher Reeves inspired. However in the time passed since that movie The Joker bombed the Daily Planet, killing Lois Lane and various others. This Clark Kent is now an older, withered Superman struggling to maintain his fight for truth, justice, and the American Way. He also bears a striking resemblance to Earth 1's The Atom. This Superman has yet to appear on the shows and will first appear in Crisis.
Superman - Smallville - SOMEBODY SAAAAVVVVEEEE MEEEEEEEEEEE. The Clark Kent/Superman from the TV show "Smallville", this Clark resides on a different Earth from the rest of our heroes and has yet to come into contact with them. However, he is familiar with some of them as Smallville has their own versions of Green Arrow, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, etc. He currently resides on the Kent Farm and is married to Smallville's Lois Lane.
Batman - Kingdom Come - An older, withered Bruce Wayne who needs an exo-skelton to maintain his composure. Much different from Earth 1's Batman, who mysteriously disappeared 3 years ago and has not been seen since. Will make his first appearance in Crisis.
The Martian Manhunter - J'onn Jonzz is the last survivor of Mars. After Supergirl's adopted father saved his life, J'onn vowed to watch over both Kara and her sister Alex. J'onn has been a mentor, a father, and a friend to Supergirl. The last episode of Supergirl ended with The Monitor recruiting him for the Crisis. Resides on Earth 38.
Batwoman - Bruce Wayne's cousin, Kate Kane recently took on the role of protecting Earth 1's Gotham City after the Earth 1 Bruce vanished. She encountered The Flash, Green Arrow, and Supergirl last year and is aware of their exploits.
Black Lightning - Wielding the powers of electricity, Jefferson Peirce uses his power to protect the students at his school where he acts as principal. Housed on Earth 73, Jefferson cares deeply about his students and their struggles in a gang-infested town. He also has 2 daughters, Thunder and Lighting would also have superpowers. Although he is hesitant about them following his lifestyle. Crisis will be the first time he comes into contact with the other superheroes.
The Flash - Earth 90 - The Barry Allen from the CBS TV series from the 90's. He is a doppleganger of both Barry's father, Henry Allen, and The Flash of Earth 3, Jay Garrick. Earth 90 was one of the earths that underwent to Monitor's testing. That world failed and it's superheroes were all brutally murdered. However, Barry was able to escape and travelled to Earth 1 to warn our Flash (as well as Green Arrow and Supergirl) about The Monitor and his plans. The last time we saw this Flash he tried to attack the Monitor, who teleported him away. His location is currently unknown.
John Diggle/John Stewart - The Green Arrow's first and closest ally. Diggle is a war vet who aids Oliver on his crusade to save Star City. In Arrow: Season 7 it was revealed he goes by his mother's maiden name "Diggle", with his step-father's last name being "Stewart". In DC Comics, John Stewart is better know as The Green Lantern. However, the shows have yet to go down that route......
Lyla Micheals/Harbinger - Lyla Micheals was formerly the wife and mother to the children of John Diggle. However, that person is no more. After being chosen by The Monitor, Lyla has been reborn as the mysterious Harbinger and has been chosen to recruit heroes from across the multi-verse to battle in the Crisis.
Pariah - Nash Wells, a multi-verse travelling adventurer came to Earth 1 to hunt down The Monitor and learn the secrets of the multi-verse. After a brief scuffle with The Flash, Nash found an artifact underneath Central City that he believed to belong to The Monitor. In the last episode of Flash, the artifact opened a doorway that sucked Nash into the dawn of time.
Robin - Batman '66 - Holy callback Batman! Burt Ward will be reprising his role as Batman's trusty sidekick Robin from the 1966 TV show "Batman". Due to Ward's age, I wouldn't expect this to be anything more than a cameo.
The Reverse-Flash - The most dangerous villain through-out all the shows, Eobard Thawne hails from the 22nd century. He became obsessed with studying the Flash, and eventually become obsessed with becoming The Flash. Thawne is a sociopath who wants nothing more than to be loved/adored by everyone. Upon learning that he becomes The Flash's greatest villain through history records, Thawne goes insane and dedicates his entire life to tormenting Barry's. He murdered Barry's mother when Barry was only 10 years old, he's murdered every member of the Legends in an alternate timeline. However, he can never kill Flash himself as if he does he will also cease to exist, since his entire life is based around The Flash.
Lex Luthor - Superman's greatest nemesis and Earth 38's most dangerous mind. Lex was recently shot and killed by his sister, Lena Luthor. However, he was revived by The Monitor and recruited to help in the oncoming Crisis.
Lena Luthor - The sister of Lex Luthor, Lena is ironically one of Supergirl's closest allies and friends. She shot and killed her brother Lex at the end of Supergirl: Season 4 (but don't worry he's fine!). She recently had a falling out with Supergirl once she found out Kara's identity. Claiming that Kara "treated her like a villain" when all she was trying to do was right her brothers wrongs.
The Atom - Brilliant scientist Ray Palmer build himself a suit of armor that allows him to shrink down to the molecular level (think Ant-Man mixed with Iron Man). While at first he wanted to use it to arrest The Green Arrow, he quickly became allies with him. In 2015, Ray was recruited by Rip Hunter to join the time-travelling pirates known as "The Legends Of Tomorrow". Along with Sara Lance and Mick Rory, Ray has spent the last few year's protecting Earth 1's timeline from any threats it may face. Kinda looks like the Kingdom Come Superman.
John Constantine - A wacky, depressed semi-drunk magician who defends the world against supernatural demons from Hell. Inspired by the music of the Sex Pistols, this hellblazer had his own TV show for a season in 2014. Once that was cancelled, he appeared on Arrow and helped Oliver revive Sara Lance from the dead. About a year later, he joined the Legends Of Tomorrow to help them fight against the super natural. He's still the lover of a good pity-party but he's miraculously stuck with the Legends for around 2 years now.
Sara Lance/Black Canary I/White Canary - Trained by Ras Al Ghul and The League Of Assassians, Sara Lance was DCTV's first Black Canary. In Arrow: Season 3 she was murdered by the Green Arrow's arch-nemesis Malcom Merlyn then brought back to life by John Constantine and the Lazurus Pit in Season 4. Upon her revival she took up the mantle of White Canary and joined The Legends Of Tomorrow, eventually going on to lead that team. Now captain of the Waverider (the legends time travelling ship/headquarters), Sara protects Earth 1 from all threats to it's timeline.
Heatwave - Pyromaniac Mick Rory was a petty criminal who got his start robbing banks in Central City with his partner-in-crime, Leonard Snart/Captain Cold. After being stopped by The Flash multiple times, Mick and Cold joined The Legends Of Tomorrow. After the death of his partner Captain Cold, Mick had nowhere to go and stayed with the Legends even though he doesn't really give a shit about protecting the timeline....or anything for that matter. He'll probably be too drunk to even remember Crisis On Infinite Earths, he really likes flame throwers.
The Elongated Man - After gaining stretchy powers, Ralph Dibney quickly joined The Flash and his team on their mission to protect Central City. With The Flash's death approaching, Barry has been training Ralph to be his replacement as the hero of Central City.
Vibe - The Flash's best friend, Cisco Ramone can use his powers to see into possible futures, alternate timelines, and whole other dimensions. He can also create "breaches" to travel to other Earths. Vibe retired at the end of The Flash: Season 5, taking a meta-human cure in hopes of joining the simple life.
Killer Frost - Killer Frost is a whole other persona that emerged in the head of Flash ally Caitlin Snow. Although she started off as a villain, Frost is really just young, niave, and scared of the world around her and has a lot to learn. Oh and if it wasn't obvious from the name she has ice powers.
Iris West-Allen - The loving wife of Barry Allen/The Flash. An ace reporter for the Central City Citizen, Iris has helped Barry gather information on criminals and track down meta-human gangs. She's also helped deal with everything from evil speedsters to telepathic gorilla's.
Black Canary II - Laurel Lance.....oh Jesus Christ where do I even begin with this one? Laurel Lance, sister to Sara Lance and former lover of Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow, took up the mantle of Black Canary after the (temporary) death of her sister Sara, the first Black Canary. She was then murdered by Damian Dahrk in Arrow: Season 4, Earth 1 Laurel is still dead. However, the Laurel Lance from Earth 2 soon emerged as a Flash villain working for Zoom. After Zoom was defeated, she began a redemption arc that led her to working with The Green Arrow and his team. Earth 2 Laurel is currently a trusted ally of Oliver's. In the season premier of Arrow, Earth 2 was destroyed by the Crisis leaving Laurel without a home. The Monitor tried to get her to betray Oliver but she refused. Apparently, Earth 1 Laurel (yes, the dead one! Welcome to comic books!) will be making an appearance in Crisis.
Black Canary III - Dinah Drake is a meta-human from Central City who took up the mantle of Black Canary at a time when both Sara and Laurel were absent. She is currently a member of "Team Arrow" and one of it's only survivors in the future....
Wild Dog - An arrogant prick with a heart of gold. Armed with only guns, Rene became a vigilante simply to protect his part of Star City known as "The Glades". He was taken in by The Green Arrow and quickly became a part of "Team Arrow".
Mia Smoak/Green Arrow II - The Daughter of Green Arrow. Mia Smoak comes from a dystopian future where Star City is overrun by "The Deathstroke Gang". She was recently transported to the past by the Monitor as a gift to Oliver, so that he could meet his daughter before his approaching death.
Brainiac 5 - A descendant of the Superman villain Brainiac, Brainiac 5 is a superhero from the 30th century and a member of The Legion Of Superheroes. Feeling he never quite fit in with the Legion, Briany has spent the last 2 years in the past aiding Supergirl, who was an inspiration to the superheroes of Earth 38's future.
Dreamer - A ancestor to a member of The Legion Of Superheroes, Nia was brought into Supergirl's world by Brainiac 5 who wanted to use her powers to see into the future. She's also the first live-action transgender superhero.
Lois Lane - The wife of Earth 38's Superman and the father to his child Jon Kent. Lois Lane is a no non-sense journalist who works for the Daily Planet. But you already know all this, so i'm not gonna spend to much time on her. She is currently in Argo City with Clark.
Lois Lane - Smallville - No no-sense journalist, works for The Daily Planet, etc., etc. This is the Lois Lane from the TV show Smallville.
Alex Danvers - Supergirl's adopted sister, Kara and Alex grew up together. Alex is also a super-spy (think knock-off Black Widow) working for the DEO.
Jonah Hex - A disfigured cowboy from the 1800's, Jonah Hex has encountered and befriended the Legends Of Tomorrow a couple of times. He is the protecter of his county.
Alexander Knox - The reporter from the 1989 Batman movie starring Micheal Keaton. Likely just a quick cameo role while his Earth is destroyed.
The Spectre - Another all-powerful being who watches over the multi-verse and extracts vengeance against those who do wrong. Thinks he speaks to god, has yet to appear in the shows.
Jay Garrick/The Flash - The Flash of Earth 3, Jay is a dopple ganger of Earth 1's Henry Allen and Earth 90's Barry Allen. Due to his age, he retired in The Flash: Season 4 but recently returned to help Barry look into the future and see his death during Crisis.
Ryan Choi/The Atom II - Ray Palmer's successor in the comic books, not sure what his role in the shows will be. Likely the survivor of another broken Earth.
I'm excluding episodes with quick 1 minute cameo's from this much as I love Oliver speed texting Barry for favours it's not worth watching a whole episode for
Arrow: Season 2, Episode 8 & Season 2, Episode 9 - The introduction of Barry Allen to DCTV. It is here he meets Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow. Barry is not yet The Flash in these episodes.
The Flash: Season 1, Episode 8 & Arrow Season 3, Episode 8 - The first official crossover between The Flash & Green Arrow.
The Flash: Season 2, Episode 8, Arrow: Season 4, Episode 8 - Another crossover between The Flash & Green Arrow that also sets up the plot for Legends Of Tomorrow. Hope you're hungry for chicken!
Supergirl: Season 1, Episode 18 - The first crossover between The Flash & Supergirl.
Legends Of Tomorrow: Season 1, Episode 6 - The Legends meet a future version of Green Arrow.
The Flash: Season 3, Episode 8, Arrow: Season 5, Episode 8, Legends: Season 2, Episode 7 - The Flash introduces Supergirl to Green Arrow and the Legends. They also fight an alien invasion.
Supergirl: Season 3, Episode 8, Arrow: Season 6, Episode 8, Flash: Season 4, Episode 8, Legends: Season 3, Episode 8 - The Flash's wedding is interrupted by Nazi dopplegangers from Earth X.
The Flash: Season 5, Episode 8, Arrow: Season 7, Episode 8, Supergirl: Season 4, Episode 8 - Barry and Oliver swap bodies, the gang meets Superman and Batwoman.
EARTH 1: The Flash (and his team), Green Arrow (and his team), The Legends Of Tomorrow, The Reverse-Flash, Batwoman
EARTH 2: Black Siren/Black Canary, Harrison Wells, Jessie Quick was wiped out of existence in Arrow: Season 8
EARTH 3: Jay Garrick
EARTH 38: Supergirl (and her team), The Martian Manhunter, Superman, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor
EARTH 53: The Ray, Citizen Cold, lots of Nazi Dopplegangers
EARTH 73: Black Lightning and his family
EARTH 90: Barry Allen/The Flash of Earth 90 was wiped out in last year's "Elseworlds"
The Smallville, Batman '66, Birds Of Prey and Kingdom Come Universes are not currently numbered.
spoilers for just about every show, only read these if you don't plan on watching them or don't care about spoilers
This newspaper article from the future has been appearing in The Flash since it's pilot. It details of a Crisis in 2024 that see's the Flash vanish during a Crisis that involved various superheroes (the original article mentioned Green Arrow, Hawkgirl, and The Atom) teaming up against The Reverse-Flash and an army of shadow demons. The red skies have also been mentioned since day one. Last season on The Flash, Thawne freed himself from a prison in 2040 by essentially erasing/moving up the entire timeline. Not only did this erase Barry's daughter Nora from existence, but it also moved the Crisis from April 25, 2024 to December 10, 2019. Once this new timeline had been set in stone, The Monitor appeared to Barry and Iris warning them that The Flash will perish in the upcoming Crisis. At first Barry didn't believe The Monitor, so he went to speedforce expert and former Flash Jay Garrick for help. Together they devised a way for Barry to see the future, and The Monitor's warning was confirmed. Barry saw red skies, Central City being destroyed by a wave of anti-matter, and The Flash vanishing forever.
Meanwhile another Harrison Wells doppleganger named Nash Wells appeared in Central City claiming that he was going to track down The Monitor and save Barry Allen. Nash eventually found an artifact deep under Central City that he believed to belong to The Monitor. When a voice (presumably the Anti-Monitor's) appeared telling Nash to "bow down before him", Nash laughed in it's face. Nash eventually got the artifact to open and as he looked into the dawn of time Nash Wells was teleported away, destined to become nothing more than a Pariah.
In last year's "Elseworlds" crossover Oliver made a deal with the Monitor. The deal was that if the Monitor save Barry and Kara (who were about to sacrifice themselves to stop an evil Superman), that he would essentially become his apprentice. The Monitor agreed and the deal was made. At the end of Arrow: Season 7, The Monitor appeared to Oliver telling him that it was time and taking Oliver away from his wife and his child. The Monitor also revealed that Oliver was fated to die in the Crisis. Arrow: Season 8 began with Oliver travelling to Earth 2 to collect artifacts that will help the Monitor build an unknown weapon. On Earth 2 he came across many faces from Arrow's past and re-connected with that world's Laurel Lance/Black Canary. However, at the end of their mission Oliver and Laurel witnessed a wave of anti-matter destroy Earth 2 completely. As far as we know Earth 2 and all it's citizens (including Harrison Wells, Jessie Quick, Solovar and Gorilla City) are dead and gone. In a confusing twist for Oliver he soon found himself back in the Arrow bunker face-to-face with his and Diggle's future children. The future children (Mia, William, and Connor) hail from a dystopian future where Star City was overrun by "The Deathstroke Gang". At first, The Monitors intentions with the children where unclear but it was eventually revealed that The Monitor is not evil and that he in fact brought them to the present as a gift to Oliver. So that he could meet and connect with his son and daughter before he dies in the Crisis. It was also revealed that Lyla Micheals (Diggle's wife) had been working with The Monitor all season, as he saved her from death when she was a solider. In the last episode before Crisis, Oliver and his team were sent on their final mission to Lian Yu. Here they completed the weapon which was revealed to be a device built specifically for Lyla. It opened a portal that teleported Lyla somewhere in the multi-verse. Leaving everyone else on the island confused and stunned. Knowing the Crisis was soon to come Oliver said his goodbyes to Diggle, Laurel, Mia, Roy Harper, Dinah, Rene, and William. Then the skies turned red, and a re-born Lyla re-appeared as "Harbinger" to collect Oliver as the Crisis had begun.....
At the end of Supergirl: Season 4, Lena Luthor shot and killed her brother Lex Luthor. However, the Monitor appeared to collect Lex's body and revive him for he would be needed in the Crisis. The Monitor also released The Martian Manhunter's brother, Ma'alefa'ak, from the phantom zone. As a way to test J'onn and see if he was a worthy champion for things to come. By the end of Supergirl last episode, J'onn had passed The Monitor's test. Thus, the Monitor appeared to J'onn and recruited him into battle. The episode also showed a brief clip of Lex Luthor alive and well, waiting in some pocket-dimesnion of space for the Crisis to begin.
While the Legends put on a fake circus act we saw The Monitor in the audience, eating popcorn and watching The Legends do their thing. That's it! That's all they've done to set up Crisis.
As of yet, Black Lighting has done little to set up Crisis.
As the Crisis comes to Black Lightning's earth and the red skies appear, Black Lightning will use it's episode next Monday ("Third Stone From The Sun", an insanely cool Jimi reference) as a side-story to set up Black Lightning's role before he appears in "Crisis On Infinite Earths, Part 3" next Tuesday.
This show has done nothing to set up Crisis.
An all-powerful being named The Monitor has been going around the multi-verse testing heroes from different Earths to find worthy champions. He himself has wiped out world's trying to do this, including Earth 90, the home of John Wesley Shipp's Barry Allen/The Flash. In last year's crossover, he tested The Flash, Green Arrow, Superman, Batwoman, and Supergirl and found them to be worthy champions. His main focus has gone towards The Flash and Green Arrow, who he has warned will have to sacrifice their lives to stop the oncoming Crisis.
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