Asil partner

Determining an ASIL involves many variables and requires engineers to make assumptions. For example, even if a component is hypothetically “uncontrollable” (C3) and likely to cause “life-threatening/fatal injuries” (S3) if it malfunctions, it could still be classified as ASIL A (low risk) simply because there’s a low probability of exposure (E1) to the hazard. ISO 26262 is the state-of-the-art functional safety standard for the automotive industry and defines Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL) for different safety requirements. Targeting ASIL B, our 32-bit MCUs are commonly used in many automotive applications, including body electronics and in-cabin infotainment systems. Foley Hoag LLP partner Mélida Hodgson has recently been appointed to a new task force established by the American Society of International Law (ASIL) to examine and promote the presence of people of African descent in international law. Moreover, the customer was looking for a technology partner that: Could provide support for both qualitative as well as quantitative safety activities. Had prior experience of working on ASIL C compliant projects. Was able to perform both hardware and software safety analyses. Had expertise on ISO 26262 qualified tools like Tessy. Basándonos en pilares sólidos , nos enorgullecemos en ofrecer una solución de clase mundial, con un alto contenido de valor agregado para su empresa, de forma que se puedan enfocar en el desarrollo de su negocio sin preocuparse por los temas en los cuales en Asil Limitada somos expertos. Determining the ASIL for an Automotive Application. There are four ASILs identified by ISO 26262: ASIL A, ASIL B, ASIL C and ASIL D where ASIL D is the highest degree of automotive hazard and ASIL A the lowest. There is another level called QM (for Quality Management level) that represents hazards that do not dictate any safety requirements. ASIL carries out its work in partnership with law schools, law firms, publishers, and other institutional supporters from around the world.In exchange for being a supporter of the Society, partner institutions enjoy significant benefits for their members and for promoting their respective products and services. ISO 26262 ASIL: Partner with us for ISO 26262 consulting services for FMEA analysis, HARA, FMEDA and Functional Safety verification and validation. We help with Gap analysis of existing work-products as well as development of ASIL B/C/D compliant software/hardware. Office 704, 4th Floor, Bldg 614, Road 1011, Block 410, Sanabis, Manama P.O. Box 20319 +973 17 233111 ASIL offers tailored programs for its institutional colleagues – law firms, academic institutions, and publishers. Our partnerships combine recognition, advertising, participation, promotion, outreach, education, and association with access to ASIL's worldwide community of international law professionals.

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[Question]Returning Player: has match making for strikes and nightfall gotten any easier or do I still need to use 3rd party sources?
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Just started playing on X1 again. Is Bawsaq coming back?
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2019.12.11 22:23 ShaidarHaran2 WM Motor Chooses BlackBerry to Power Next Generation Vehicles
SHANGHAI and WATERLOO, Ontario, Dec. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- BlackBerry Limited (NYSE: BB; TSX: BB) today announced Chinese electric carmaker WM Motor will embed BlackBerry's QNX® Neutrino® Realtime Operating System (RTOS) and other BlackBerry QNX software products within the company's third-generation SUVs. As part of the agreement, WM Motor will use a range of BlackBerry QNX software and services including the QNX® Platform for Digital Cockpits and QNX® Hypervisor for Safety to ensure the safety, security, and reliability of the software within the forthcoming production run of its third-generation SUVs. Since going into mass production just over a year ago, the company now has over 20,000 cars on the road manufactured out of its facility in Wenzhou.
"Powering more than 150 million vehicles on the road today and counting, BlackBerry QNX's automotive software products are made to address the complex software challenges faced by automotive manufacturers, including ISO 26262 ASIL-D safety certifications, deterministic performance and mission-critical security," said Kaivan Karimi, Senior Vice President and Co-Head of BlackBerry Technology Solutions, BlackBerry. "We are thrilled to partner with WM Motor to help them address those challenges with a view to developing world-class vehicles that deliver a secure, reliable and innovative mobility experience."
A forerunner in China's new energy vehicle (NEV) market, WM Motor was ranked one of the most popular electric car startups in China. The partnership with BlackBerry QNX is a strategic move to advance product excellence and customer satisfaction.
"WM Motor focuses on the mass market audience. Safety, security, and reliability are top of mind when we consider embedded systems," said Jarvis Yan, Partner and CTO of WM Motor. "BlackBerry QNX is the obvious choice for its safety-certified, extremely reliable, and highly secure automotive software." As the leader in safety-certified, secure, and reliable software for the automobile industry, BlackBerry provides OEMs and Tier 1s around the world with state-of-the-art foundational software and cybersecurity technologies. BlackBerry's pedigree in safety, security, and continued innovation has led to its QNX technology being used and trusted by automotive OEMs and tier ones in their advanced driver assistance, digital instrument clusters, connectivity modules, handsfree, and infotainment systems.
BlackBerry's full suite of automotive offerings will be demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 7-10, 2020, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Visit BlackBerry at Booth #7515 in the North Hall
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2019.10.11 20:48 stroke_bot snarl bullfinch otosis refillable photocatalytic drivelingly

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2019.03.05 05:21 Semimedia NXP's Plan B

In 2018, Qualcomm's acquisition of NXP ended in failure. NXP had to find another company to fill the gap. According to Kamal Khouri, general manager of NXP's Senior Driver Assistance System, NXP had been working on Plan B in case the deal failed.
This year, the autopilot chip market is highly competitive. NVIDIA released the world's first commercial L2+-class autopilot system, NVIDIA DRIVE AutoPilot, at the beginning of the year. NVIDIA's entry into the L2+-class chip market will further intensify competition in the chip market between L2 and L3 in the next three years. At the same time, Xilinx announced a strategic partnership with ZF to support the latter's autopilot domain controller ZF ProAI, which handles real-time data aggregation, pre-processing and distribution while providing computational acceleration for AI processing. In addition, many AI chip startups in China are accelerating their development. For example, Horizon Robotics, the company has just received about $600 million in Series B financing, with a valuation of $3 billion.
For NXP, the competition in this market is getting bigger and bigger. It is difficult for the NXP itself to occupy a favorable position in the automotive market. For this reason, the industry has set its sights on NXP's Plan B.
In January, NXP announced the development of an automated driving computing platform in partnership with Kalray, a parallel computing chip manufacturer founded in 2008. The purpose of the cooperation between the two parties is to make up for the weakness of NXP and provide customers with chip computing platforms from the current L2 level to L3, L4 and even L5 level.
According to NXP's plan, Kalray's parallel processor array will be integrated into its BlueBox central domain controller in the future. Kalray's MPPA processor will handle the autopilot perception and modeling phase, using sensor fusion, target detection and other artificial intelligence techniques to model the car's surroundings. The NXP chip is responsible for handling the path planning of autonomous driving. This means drawing the route the vehicle should take according to the surrounding environment, then telling the vehicle where and how to drive. The BlueBox features the Cortex-A72 Layerscape processor and an embedded vision chip based on the Cortex-A53 design.
The challenge is not only to enable the autonomous driving system to take on more and more driving functions, but also to do so without compromising safety and reliability.
According to Stephane Cordova, director of embedded computing at Kalray, Kalray has been developing high-reliability security chips. The latest 28nm chip contains 288 cores, can run teraflops per second, and allows each core to work independently. If one of them fails, the other can take over what it is doing without causing the entire chip to fail.
According to industry sources, NXP is negotiating with a major European OEM to provide a complete NXP/Kalray system. According to previous plans, the launch time of this system is the first half of this year.
In terms of operating systems, NXP announced a strategic partnership with embedded security company Green Hills to focus on ADAS and autonomous driving applications. The goal is to extend the ecosystem of ADAS and central computing systems around NXP's existing S32 series with Green Hills' INTEGRITY Real-Time Operating System (RTOS).
The joint goal of the two companies is to deliver high-capacity, mass-production electronic control units (ECUs) to facilitate the development and testing of critical safety applications and to target L2, L3 and higher autopilot systems. Green Hills uses its complete RTOS technology as the security core of both autopilot software platforms, one of the most highly recognized RTOSs in the embedded industry, which has been certified by ASIL D and SIL 4.
NXP is also stepping up its layout in response to future automotive internal and external network connections. Last year, NXP announced the acquisition of OmniPHY, a provider of automotive Ethernet subsystem technology. The latter's interface IP and communication technology and NXP's automotive portfolio will form a one-stop solution for automotive Ethernet. The technical synergies between the two companies will revolve around the 1.25-28Gbps PHY design and 10-, 100- and 1000BASE-T1 Ethernet in the advanced process.
In V2X (Vehicle-to-everything), NXP announced last year that it has partnered with Hitachi to develop a new V2X solution that combines NXP's V2X chipset and Hitachi's V2X software stack to achieve V2X operation at 5.9GHz and 760MHz. Support the implementation of V2X technology in the European Union, the United States, South Korea and Japan. The new V2X solution will be available in Japan in 2019 and will be rolled out to other markets such as Europe and North America.
NXP has always been in a dominant position in automotive MCUs, infotainment system chips (iMX), and automotive radar RF chips, but for NXP, whether the "Plan B" can progress as expected will determine its future position in the field of autonomous driving.
This post is reprinted from
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2019.01.28 21:38 2000yearsofpeace Opinions on this initial chapter

I would love to see what you can say about this, all the corrections or changes you would make on this chapter.
Thanks everyone who reads this!

He entered the room that was in the small basement of the building and saw both of his brothers standing at the sides of the chair where the bastard was chained. The man had his white shirt covered with sweat and at the light of the candles that hung from the spider on the ceiling, Niko saw some blood stains. The atmosphere was charged, damp from the heat that came from the coals burning in the fireplace on the other side of the room.
-Let´s start- Niko said at them, while I took off the coat and the mask. I put the cloth on the back of the only other chair in the room and the mask over the dark wooden table that stood near the door. His brother bent down to take a bucket of cold water and, after crossing a quick look with him, emptied it over the chained man's head.
The man reacted almost instantly, opening his eyes. He made the chair tremble as he moved, but after a moment he calmed down. He laid his eyes on Niko and his brothers without flinching. It was not the kind of attitude the others had had when they saw them. It was going to be more interesting this time.
-Yrmes I can not deny, and I think I speak for Sabrina and Jie, I'm glad to see your horrible face- Niko grabbed the other chair that had been leaning against the wall, he put it facing the door and sat in the opposite direction, backrest leaning against his chest. Just a meter separated both chairs. Now that Niko could see him better, he realized that his face had more scars than the last time they saw each other.
Yrmes spat to the floor- Vezras. Pieces of shit. I don't ...- The punch that Jie gave him didn't let him finish the sentence. The chair staggered violently, but Sabrina held it so neither the chair or the man went down. Yrmes spat again, but this time not only saliva.
Niko shook his head as he put his hands together and rested them over on the chair´s back- We didn´t bring you here to insult us, old partner- He pointed with his head at his brother, who punched Yrmes again, on the other side of the face.
-That was for speaking without permission. If you want some more, all you have to do is keep doing it- He made a short pause until Yrmes recovered the concentration- Good. Now that everything is clarified, we can continue. Where are the leaders that were in charge of the attack over the village?
A sharp guddle came out of Yrmes´s bloody mouth- So you keep on with that? After seven years you couldn´t let it away, eh?-
A new punch crunched against the stupid face of the chained. This time from Sabrina. His sister's hands opened and closed violently. "Not just because of his illness in this case," he told himself as he looked at her and shook his head.
-It´s a little difficult to forget, you know? Thanks to you and the others, our brother was killed. I suppose it is a normal thing being unhappy about that. Let's end this quickly, I have a senator to murder before the night ends.
-What about all that crap of morality, Niko? I remember you were quite unbearable about it. "A moral man wouldn´t do this. A moral man would do that"- Yrmes let out a couple of laughs as he looked at his eyes. He spat again, this time right to Niko´s face. The spit caught him in the middle of one of his cheeks. The thick liquid, mixed with blood, began to slide down Niko's face. He pulled a piece of cloth from one of the pockets of his black cloth vest and calmly wiped his face.
Yrmes smiled. And Niko knew the reason. He was right. That made him shudder and clench his teeth hard. He wanted to finish Yrmes´s life, more than ever but achieved to control himself. He forced to smiled.
-I´m still a moral man, don´t be mistaken. I just do what every moral man would do. And that- continued as he nodded to his brother -, is getting people like you away from everybody´s life.
Jie started punching the man again. One after another, the punches shook Yrmes side from side. This time, Niko didn´t stop his brother. After nearly a minute, Jie stopped by his own.
Yrmes's head was already a mass of bruises, cracked and bluish-inflamed lips, which had begun to regenerate little by little. He opened and closed the eyes a couple of times before answering the question- The others are dead. Most of us died during the punishment. Come on, you know all of this. You were there Vezras- It seemed that his facade of nonchalance had cracked. It wasn´t enough. "We need to keep hammering this wall then".
Niko made another signal to his brother, toward the fireplace. Jie walked some steps in that direction and came back with a small knife, the tip glowing from being among the coals. He remained behind the chained.
-This can end quickly- Niko talked again, as he extended his hand to Sabrina. She passed him a wheel-lock handgun, already charged-, if you cooperate. If you don´t...
Without warning or threats, Jie stabbed one of Yrmes ´s chained forearm. Yrmes shouted out of pain and looked to free himself, while he swore for the Eight Faces y other things. Jie took out the knife y stood at the side.
-Enough lies. Lutera was in that same spot a few months ago. She told us you, Asil, Ciro and herself were who organized it. That you came with the idea. Neither of you died during the punishment. Where are the others?
Yrmes kept moving, spitting everywhere and moaning in pain. But weeps went down and down until he stopped. His eyes stood his forearm, watching the wound regenerate. "And now the wall starts to crack for real", Niko thought smiling, watching the confusion appearing in the face of the man sat in front of him.
-Oh, forgive me. I forgot it. You have a healing tattoo drawn on the back. You aren´t going to die until we get what we are looking for- For the first time, he saw certain panic in Yrmes´s expression-. You will feel the same pain, because of the same wounds, all the times that you need. Jie- His brother repeated the process and all the scene started over. The swears, the screams of pain, the weeps.
-And besides- Sabrina had crouched down and told Yrmes between the sobs and moans-, it is good ink. You will heal really quickly, with amazing speed actually. I think it is time to stop playing.
Yrmes started nodding his head, his face desperate. He bumbled a couple of unintelligible words until the wound closed and the pain started to disappear. His voice turned clearer and Niko could understand him.
-Asil lives in Radera. Radera. He leads a tavern or something like that. Yes, yes, something like that- He was shaking, drops of sweat running down his face and sticking his shirt, now more red than white, to his body. The wall finally collapsed. Niko nodded.
-And Ciro? Where is that piece of crap?- Sabrina yelled at his face. She was shaking nearly as much like the same Yrmes.
-He works for the senator Psellio- His voice had lost every piece of confidence. The words slipped one over the other- He is into the War Conseil of Psellio´s legion.
Both of his brother stud Niko with expressions of surprise. That wasn´t what they were expecting. He pointed at them with his hand to get away from the chair. In front of him he saw the image of Yrmes, dejected, his face swollen and bruised, staring at the ground in the faint light of the candles that hung above his head. A pathetic image was looked at where you looked.
-How is that he serves under a senator´s order? The same Psellio Claudio was between the ones that decided the punishment and the exile for our cohort.
Yrmes let out a nervous laugh. He looked up and stared Niko´s eyes- The fucking senator was the one with the idea of destroying that town. He told us he had the permission of the Supremo.
Niko felt his own mask collapse. That changed a lot of things. There were others responsible. People almost untouchable. That made him hate everyone a little more for letting drag to that tramp. And among the stupids that had been manipulated was Yrmes.
He looked down for a moment, his eyes stuck on the floor. He raised the arm that held the handgun and shoot. The bullet passed through the chained man´s forehead, making it shake with strength forward and backward. Not even the tattoo was going to regenerate that. Yrmes kept moving a bit more until his body stopped.
-What are you doing?- Jie yield at him- He could have more things to tell us.
Niko knew his brother was right. He had lost the control for a moment, but there was nothing to do about that. So he just shrugged his shoulders.
Jie snorted and left the room, cursing. The room was filled with a horrible smell of piss and shit that came out of the body. Niko covered his nose and mouth with his hand. It wasn´t a pleasant scene, the corpse sprawled in the chair, poorly lit and with the head deformed by the shot. "It was needed. One less", said to himself, trying to convince his mind. He wasn´t achieving it.
He got up from his chair and approached Sabrina, who kept her eyes on Yrmes. His sister was still trembling. He scraped hard on his left forearm, at the points where the injections were given. Niko put one of his hands on his sister's shoulder, which caused her to look away from the corpse.
-Come on. I clean when I come back.
She nodded and squeezed his hand. A small smile appeared in her face.
-We are near the end. Near of revenging him- she said with enthusiasm.
Niko faked a big smile. Of course that they weren´t near, they were even further away now that they had discovered another responsible, who besides was a senator. But that the time for those words- Yes. Just a little more and we can leave all this shit. But now I must pay attention to work. Stay alert in case something goes wrong- His sister squeezed his hand one more time and left the room.
He stayed there, alone in the small basement, with a corpse of a man who was his sword partner, a few minutes. All his life he told himself he was a man with principles, that he only killed when it was necessary or right. But the fact that only a moments ago he murdered someone and that the next thing he was going to do was killing a senator, didn´t help to sustain that. "The things I´ve become for you", whispered thinking in his brothers.
He shook his head and cleaned his mind. He put on the jacket he had left on the chair, which luckily had not been spattered with blood, took the mask off the table and left the room. With his mind on Calamut Incenti. The only other person that was going to die by his hand that night.
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2019.01.05 04:19 thehowlinggreywolf 2nd Parliament of Canada Speech From the Throne

Honourable Members of the House of Commons,
Distinguished guests and friends,
People of Canada,
As a representative of Her Majesty the Queen, it is my honour to open the first session of the forty-fifth Parliament of Canada by delivering this Speech from the Throne.
I begin by welcoming you all, the elected members of Canada’s House of Commons, new and old, to the building which serves as a foundation of our nation and acts as a symbol of Canadian freedom. These freedoms allow us to live as a democracy, which has seen you gain the trust, confidence, faith, and ultimately the vote of your constituents. While over this term, you will debate and vote, we must not forget that your work should always be in the interests of the people. This House belongs not to the parties, or to the representatives, it belongs to the people.
As we begin a new chapter in Canadian history, this government will not forget the people. This government won a clear mandate and it intends to live up to the commitments made over its tenure. This government recognizes its role to play on behalf of Canadians, and that role begins with its most important duty, Foreign Affairs.
This work begins on free trade. When the barriers to the flow of good are broken down, everyone prospers. On the same token, we must not allow ourselves to suffer from bad free trade deals, ones that do not benefit all but stack the deck against hard-working Canadians. Global turbulence sees constant change, and a government that can adapt our trade policies to allow Canada to benefit, along with our allies is the type of government this one strives to be. This government will make quick work of our trade portfolio, and begin to immediately take steps to ensure beneficial, free, and open trade. This government will be seeking out countries interested in making free trade agreements with Canada, will already beneficial trade deals like NAFTA remaining in place.
This government's plans for our foreign affairs does not stop with trade. The connections with our allies are deeply embedded in Canada’s complex. As this government has already announced, we will continue to foster good relationships, and hold talks with our partners around the globe to get our country back on track. Seek closer trade bonds with the nations of the Commonwealth and Francophonie who share deep historic and cultural bonds with our nation is crucial to Canadian success on the global stage. The world sees many threats to the dominant western order, this government will ensure Canada takes a stand with our allies to promote our values across the globe, using all the tools at our arsenal to combat threats, along with developing new ones to adapt to a constantly changing global environment. This government is committed to increasing participation within NATO and in the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.
This government is committed to our Francophonie citizens, and as a key French nation, will work to preserve French language and culture in Canada and across the globe. We will also strengthen our commercial ties with members of La Francophonie, developing strong investment ties, and ensuring good working relationships, both socially and financially. This government will also work with our Quebec, Acadian, Fransaskois, and minority groups that share French roots in Canada. Establishing good Francophonie relationships is important for Canada's continued success.
This government believes in ensuring every Canadian has a chance at success by promoting equality. This government however does not believe that Canadians’ right of free speech should be unreasonably restricted in the name of political correctness, nor does this government believe in combating discrimination with more discrimination. This government will seek to improve opportunity for all Canadians regardless of who they are and will ensure their rights are protected and upheld.
This government wishes to continue to give a hand up to our Indigenous communities so they can achieve as much success in Canada as anyone else. This government will take action to preserve and promote aboriginal languages, fund Indigenous market programs for skills training and development, and work with willing Indigenous partners and provinces to see Indigenous students fulfil their fullest potential in education. This government will seek to transfer Aboriginal education from the Federal government to the Provinces where we believe they can be better served, providing necessary funding for this to be effective.
The threats Canada faces are constant and ever-changing. Day after day we see attacks on our national security, disrupting our sovereignty, and tearing at the bases of our society. These threats begin at our own borders, a problem which has been ignored for too long. This government will work to fix the crisis that is faced by our provinces day after day, as influxes of irregular border-crossers continue to flow in with solutions ignored. Immediate steps will be taken to bring an end to the crisis, which include working with the United States on amending the Safe Third Country Agreement. Other policies to help cut down on the asylum seeker backlog will be pursued.This government will also task itself with producing a fair immigration system that works for Canada, and brings prosperity to Canadians, which includes by lowering the amount of people immigrating to Canada through family reunification and prioritizing skilled immigration in needed fields to ensure Canada’s immigration system is focused on improving the economy. To this effect, this government will immediately undo the disastrous and short sighted policies brought in by the previous government regarding immigration. This government will be working Canada’s communities to ensure that religious and political extremism does not have room to grow.
Ensuring the security of Canadians is one of this government's top priorities. In order to defend the realm, Canada must ensure that our military is properly funded, and adequately equipped. This government will increase our nation's defence spending and put that money to good use. Our ageing Air Force fleet is in dire need of an upgrade, and this government will work to obtain an arsenal of new and advanced fighter jets that fit our needs. Those who fight for Canada should never be left behind, which is why this government will also continue to work to sure that our soldiers and veterans get the benefits they deserve.
While defending the nation from physical threats is important, we must remind ourselves that we live in a new age. Our country is built on technological innovation, and our technology is increasingly at risk from cyber threats, especially from foreign adversaries. This government will continue the work to ensure that our technology and digital devices are protected, along with defending our hard-working technological innovators from IP theft, and illegal interference.
This government is one committed to the people, and the most noticeable interaction between the people and the government is taxation. Canadians work hard, every single day, to provide for their families, and to make Canada a better nation for all. This government believes that more money in the pockets of our middle and lower income Canadians will leave them better off and will allow them to prosper, not just by themselves, but with the rest of this great nation. This government is especially committed to low income Canadians, and will lower income tax on the lowest tax bracket. This extends to the backbone of our economy, Canadian small business. The painstaking work, effort, and grit that goes into starting a business in today's landscape will not go unnoticed, with this government ensuring that obstacles are removed, and the burden of regulations is finally relieved by safely cutting excessive regulations.
To ensure that our tax system works, loopholes must be removed. If someone robs a grocery store, they are charged and face consequences, yet too often, loopholes in our tax code allow people to rob Canadians. This government will ensure that all Canadians pay their fair share of taxes. The average Canadian should not have to suffer from an unequal tax system, that is stacked in favour of the elites.This will also see at least $16 billion in new revenue raised as this government will be closing the stock option deduction, limiting the capital gains deduction, implementing a lifetime limit on tax free savings accounts, reducing RRSP contribution limits, removing ineffective boutique tax credits, and cancelling the corporate meals and entertainment expense deduction. In addition to this the government will be cracking down on offshore tax evasion. This will be done through requiring economic substance for offshore subsidiaries to be considered separate corporate entities, by capping interest payments to offshore subsidiaries, and by applying a 1% withholding tax on Canadian assets held in tax havens.This government believes in fiscal responsibility and will see that the budget is balanced. To see this happen the government will be looking for inefficiencies in government spending so that money can be put to better use. This government believes in a Canada that is open for business and as such will seek to make Canada an attractive place for businesses to move to and to invest in. This government will speak to businesses with the attempt to have them open up shop here in Canada bringing jobs and investment.
This government recognizes the importance of tourism on many parts of Canada. This government will be putting together tourism delegations to meet with representatives of the governments of other nations with the goal of promoting tourism to Canada. This government will be continuing global advertising regarding Canadian tourism in order to keep tourism numbers high.
This government will be working hard with every dime it’s given, putting it to good use. This includes on healthcare. Working with provinces to eliminate the heart-wrenching hardship that is left by hospital parking fees. Families and loved ones who wish to visit those undergoing treatment should not be forced to pay an unreasonable sum. This government will also work to ensure that all Canadians receive proper health care, and are not left behind by provinces refusing to ensure that it is provided. This government is committed to ensuring our healthcare system remains as strong as it possible and will invest in new health and scientific research.
This government also intends to take steps to ensure faith in Canada’s public institutions. Working towards parliamentary transparency,and helpful engagement with our government is a key part of our democracy, one that we take very seriously. This government is committed to giving responses to every motion that is passed by our House of Commons, and take appropriate action. If no action is taken, Canadians deserve a reason. With that said, this government will also introduce legislation ensuring future governments will also follow this example.This government will also ensure that Canadians can have a voice in their House, by expanding the system for citizens to petition the government to take action on issues important to them, with the goal leading to positive change through legislation.
Infrastructure is what connects Canadians and unites us as a nation. This government is committed to ensuring that both our physical and digital infrastructure networks are improved upon, and allow for greater connections between Canadians. These improvements will be partnerships between each level of government, identifying key areas of need; putting adequate funding towards areas of failure. One of these areas includes our railroad networks. We have seen time and time again where inadequate service has lead to costly losses to our economy. This government will ensure that trains arrive, and repairs are made to make our network run smoothly. This government will also work to greater connect our First Nations communities with the rest of Canada through roads, railways, and air transportation. We are all Canadians, and we must not leave isolated communities stranded. This government will conduct the study set out by the High Speed Rail Studying Act and look at the viability in implementing such a plan once the proposal has been drafted.
Investing in Canadian solutions for expanding coverage for telecommunications will be a key goal of this government. Our modern technological era is increasingly connected through the internet, yet many are left out due to meagre coverage, and absurdly high fees. This government will invest in Canadian solutions to fill the technological gap faced today and will work with telecommunications companies, and local communities to develop real solutions to bring costs down.
While we make our world as livable as possible, Canada must not leave behind the beauty that makes our country great. This government will ensure that protections for our environment and economic prosperity go hand and hand. New technologies like Carbon Capture can help us mitigate the effects of Climate Change. This government will work with the largest polluters and develop real solutions. Our natural beauty is one of the most important aspects of Canada, and this government is committed to ensuring that our wilderness remains pristine. This government also believes that for Canadians to truly back fighting for our landscapes, they must truly enjoy it, which is why opening our national parks to Canadians is important in ensuring that Canadians can truly appreciate the country they are in. This government will invest in new green energy research and will seek to promote hydroelectric energy where viable. This government also recognizes the need to balance the environment and the economy.
Canadian agriculture is very important and the great farmers of Canada should not be forgotten about. Canada has a large amount of arable land and farming has been a major staple of Canadian history and heritage. To ensure Canadian agriculture continues to prosper this government will support the Agri-Marketing Program to help promote Canada’s agricultural and agri-food products around the world, maintain funding for FarmStart to help the next generation of Canadians get involved in farming, invest in the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for more food safety inspections of domestic and imported foods.
This country is also one that has a momentous history. Protecting our memorials to those who built this nation, and ensuring that our heritage buildings and landmarks are preserved for generations to come is something that this government will act on. There is also recognition that the leader of this government’s home, 24 Sussex Drive, is in desperate need of repair. A plan to ensure that the home of the Prime Minister is livable is important, as the longer, we wait, the more Canadians will have to pay. This government is committed to promoting historical events and dates in Canadian history and creating greater protections for historical buildings and monuments.
Throughout this Throne Speech that I am reading to you today, there are many commitments made. There is one commitment that rises above the others. This government, above all else, is committed to getting back to balancing the books after too long of constant deficits and fiscal mismanagement. Getting our spending back in check, and delivering the government's return to fiscally responsible balance is paramount to Canadian success, which is why above all else, this government will aim to balance the books.
Delivering these commitments may not be easy, and will take hard work, but Canadians expect that after all the effort they put in, day after day, that their government will do the same. We are committed to no different. We will strive to take a new path, and return to the smart, responsible governance we’ve seen in the past. So let us work together, and unite for a stronger Canada.
Members of the House of Commons, you will be asked to appropriate the funds required to carry out the services and expenditures authorized by Parliament. Honourable Members of the Senate and Members of the House of Commons, may Canadian values and morals guide you in your deliberations and make you faithful custodians of the trust bestowed upon you.
Honorables membres de la Chambre des communes,
Distingués invités et amis,
Peuple canadien,
En tant que représentant de Sa Majesté la Reine, c’est mon honneur d’ouvrir la première séance du quarante-cinquième parlement du Canada en prononçant ce discours du Trône.
Je commence par vous tous souhaiter, membres élus de la Chambre des communes du Canada, anciens et nouveaux, la bienvenue dans l'édifice qui sert de fondation à notre nation et qui est un symbole de la liberté canadienne. Ces libertés nous permettent de vivre en démocratie, ce qui vous a permis de gagner la croyance, la confiance, la foi et, en fin de compte, le vote de vos électeurs. Lorsque, au cours de cette législature, vous allez débattre et voter, vous ne devez pas oublier que votre travail doit toujours être dans l'intérêt du peuple. Cette Chambre n'appartient pas aux partis, ni aux représentants, elle appartient au peuple.
Alors que nous entamons un nouveau chapitre de l'histoire du Canada, ce gouvernement n'oubliera pas les gens. Ce gouvernement a un mandat clair et entend respecter les engagements pris au cours de son mandat. Ce gouvernement reconnaît son rôle au nom des Canadiens. Ce rôle commence par son devoir le plus important, les affaires étrangères.
Ce travail commence sur le libre-échange. Lorsque les obstacles à la circulation des biens sont supprimés, tout le monde prospère. Nous ne devons pas nous permettre de souffrir de mauvaises ententes de libre-échange qui nuisent aux Canadiens ordinaires. La turbulence mondiale voit le changement constant. Un gouvernement qui peut adapter nos politiques commerciales afin de permettre au Canada d'en bénéficier, ainsi que nos alliés, est le type de gouvernement que celui-ci s'efforce d'être. Ce gouvernement travaillera rapidement sur notre portefeuille commercial et commencera immédiatement à prendre des mesures pour garantir des échanges commerciaux bénéfiques, libres et ouverts. Ce gouvernement cherchera des pays intéressés à conclure des accords de libre-échange avec le Canada, des accords commerciaux déjà avantageux, tels que l'ALENA, resteront en vigueur.
Les projets de ce gouvernement pour nos affaires étrangères ne se limitent pas au commerce. Comme ce gouvernement l'a déjà annoncé, nous continuerons à favoriser de bonnes relations et des pourparlers avec nos partenaires du monde entier afin de remettre notre pays sur les rails. La recherche de liens commerciaux plus étroits avec les pays du Commonwealth et de la Francophonie qui partagent des liens historiques et culturels profonds avec notre pays est essentielle au succès du Canada sur la scène mondiale. Le monde voit de nombreuses menaces pour l'ordre occidental dominant. Ce gouvernement veillera à ce que le Canada se positionne auprès de ses alliés pour promouvoir nos valeurs dans le monde entier, en utilisant tous les outils de notre arsenal pour lutter contre les menaces et en élaborant de nouveaux outils pour s'adapter à l'environnement mondial. Ce gouvernement s'est engagé à accroître la participation à l'OTAN et à combattre l'État islamique en Irak et en Syrie.
Ce gouvernement est engagé envers nos citoyens canadiens français. En tant que nation française clé, ce gouvernement s’emploiera à préserver la langue française et la culture française au Canada et dans le monde. Nous renforcerons également nos liens commerciaux avec les membres de la Francophonie, en développant de solides liens d’investissement et en assurant de bonnes relations de travail, tant sur le plan social que financier. Ce gouvernement travaillera également avec nos groupes québécois, acadiens, fransaskois et minoritaires qui partagent des racines françaises au Canada. Établir de bonnes relations avec la Francophonie est important pour le succès continu du Canada.
Le gouvernement veut faire en sorte que chaque Canadien ait une chance de réussir en faisant la promotion de l'égalité. Ce gouvernement ne croit toutefois pas que le droit des Canadiens à la liberté d’expression devrait être restreint de manière déraisonnable au nom de la rectitude politique, et il ne croit pas non plus en la lutte contre la discrimination par davantage de discrimination. Ce gouvernement cherchera à améliorer les chances de tous les Canadiens, peu importe qui ils sont, et veillera à ce que leurs droits soient protégés et respectés.
Ce gouvernement souhaite continuer à donner un coup de main à nos communautés autochtones afin qu'elles puissent réussir autant de succès au Canada que quiconque. Ce gouvernement prendra des mesures pour préserver et promouvoir les langues autochtones, financera des programmes destinés aux marchés autochtones pour la formation et le développement des compétences, et collaborera avec les partenaires et les provinces autochtones désireux de voir les étudiants autochtones s'épanouir pleinement dans l'éducation. Ce gouvernement cherchera à transférer l'éducation des Autochtones du gouvernement fédéral aux provinces où nous croyons qu'elles peuvent être mieux servies, en fournissant le financement nécessaire pour que cela soit efficace.
Les menaces auxquelles le Canada est confronté sont constantes et en constante évolution. Jour après jour, nous assistons à des attaques contre notre sécurité nationale, perturbant notre souveraineté et portant atteinte aux bases de notre société. Ces menaces commencent à nos propres frontières, un problème qui a été ignoré pendant trop longtemps. Notre gouvernement s'emploiera à résoudre la crise à laquelle nos provinces sont confrontées jour après jour, alors que l'afflux de frontaliers irréguliers continue d'affluer sans que des solutions soient envisagées. Des mesures immédiates seront prises pour mettre fin à la crise, notamment en collaborant avec les États-Unis à la modification de l'Accord sur les tiers pays sûrs. On poursuivra la mise en œuvre d'autres politiques visant à réduire l'arriéré des demandeurs d'asile. Ce gouvernement s'emploiera également à mettre en place un système d'immigration équitable qui fonctionne pour le Canada et qui apportera la prospérité aux Canadiens, notamment en réduisant le nombre d'immigrants la réunification des familles et la priorité donnée à l'immigration qualifiée dans les domaines nécessaires pour s'assurer que le système d'immigration du Canada est axé sur l'amélioration de l'économie. À cet effet, le gouvernement actuel annulera immédiatement les politiques désastreuses et à courte vue adoptées par le gouvernement précédent en matière d'immigration. Ce gouvernement va travailler avec les communautés canadiennes pour s’assurer que l’extrémisme religieux et politique n’a pas de place pour se développer.
Assurer la sécurité des Canadiens est l'une des principales priorités de ce gouvernement. Pour défendre le pays, le Canada doit veiller à ce que nos forces armées soient correctement financées et équipées Notre gouvernement augmentera les dépenses de défense de notre pays et les utilisera à bon escient. Notre flotte vieillissante de la Force aérienne a désespérément besoin d'une mise à niveau et le gouvernement s'efforcera de créer un arsenal d'avions de combat nouveaux et perfectionnés qui répondent à nos besoins. Ceux qui luttent pour le Canada ne devraient jamais être laissés pour compte. C'est pourquoi le gouvernement continuera également de veiller à ce que nos soldats et nos anciens combattants reçoivent les avantages qu'ils méritent.
S'il est important de défendre la nation des menaces physiques, nous devons nous rappeler que nous vivons dans une nouvelle ère. Notre pays repose sur l'innovation technologique et notre technologie est de plus en plus menacée par les cybermenaces, en particulier les adversaires étrangers. Ce gouvernement poursuivra ses efforts pour assurer la protection de sa technologie et de ses appareils numériques, tout en protégeant ses innovateurs technologiques, acharnés contre le vol de propriété intellectuelle et les ingérences illégales.
Ce gouvernement est un gouvernement engagé envers la population et la fiscalité est l'interaction la plus importante entre la population et le gouvernement. Les Canadiens travaillent chaque jour pour soutenir leurs familles et faire du Canada un meilleur endroit pour tous. Notre gouvernement croit que plus d'argent dans les poches de nos Canadiens à revenu moyen et faible leur permettra de s'enrichir et de prospérer, pas seulement par eux-mêmes, mais avec le reste de notre grand pays. Ce gouvernement est particulièrement engagé envers les Canadiens à faible revenu et abaissera l'impôt sur le revenu dans la tranche d'imposition la plus basse. Cela concerne l'épine dorsale de notre économie, la petite entreprise canadienne. Le travail acharné, les efforts et le courage nécessaires pour créer une entreprise dans le paysage actuel ne passeront pas inaperçus à mesure que le gouvernement entreprend de supprimer les obstacles et que le fardeau de la réglementation est enfin allégé par le retrait sans risque des réglementations excessives.
Pour que notre système fiscal fonctionne, il faut éliminer les échappatoires. Si quelqu'un vole un panier de fruits, il est accusé et fait face à des conséquences. Pourtant, trop souvent, les failles de notre code des impôts permettent aux gens de voler des Canadiens. Ce gouvernement veillera à ce que tous les Canadiens paient leur juste part d'impôt. Le Canadien moyen ne devrait pas avoir à subir un système fiscal inégal qui favorise les élites. Il générera également au moins 16 milliards de dollars de nouveaux revenus au moment où le gouvernement mettra fin à la déduction pour options d'achat d'actions, limitant ainsi les gains en capital. déduction, l’établissement d’une limite à vie sur les comptes d’épargne libres d’impôt, la réduction des plafonds de cotisation à un REER, l’élimination des crédits d’impôt inefficaces et l’annulation de la déduction pour frais de repas et de divertissement pour entreprises. En outre, le gouvernement s'attaquera à l'évasion fiscale à l'étranger. Cela se fera en exigeant que la substance économique des filiales étrangères soit considérée comme une entité distincte, en plafonnant les paiements d'intérêts aux filiales étrangères et en appliquant une retenue à la source de 1% sur les actifs canadiens détenus dans des paradis fiscaux. Ce gouvernement croit en la responsabilité fiscale et veille à l'équilibre du budget. Pour ce faire, le gouvernement cherchera des inefficacités dans ses dépenses afin de mieux utiliser les fonds. Ce gouvernement croit en un Canada ouvert aux affaires et, à ce titre, cherchera à faire du Canada un lieu attrayant pour les entreprises qui souhaitent investir et investir. Ce gouvernement s'adressera aux entreprises dans le but de les ouvrir ici au Canada. apportant des emplois et des investissements.
Ce gouvernement reconnaît l'importance du tourisme dans de nombreuses régions du Canada. Ce gouvernement réunira des délégations du tourisme afin de rencontrer des représentants des gouvernements d'autres pays dans le but de promouvoir le tourisme au Canada. Le gouvernement continuera de faire de la publicité mondiale sur le tourisme canadien afin de maintenir le nombre de touristes à des niveaux élevés.
Ce gouvernement travaillera dur avec chaque centime qu’il reçoit et l’utilisera à bon escient. Cela inclut les soins de santé. Travaillez avec les provinces pour éliminer les problèmes déchirants que posent les frais de stationnement dans les hôpitaux. Les familles et les proches qui souhaitent rendre visite aux personnes en traitement ne devraient pas être obligés de payer un montant déraisonnable. Notre gouvernement veillera également à ce que tous les Canadiens reçoivent des soins de santé adéquats et ne soient pas laissés pour compte par les provinces qui refusent de veiller à ce que ces soins soient prodigués. Notre gouvernement est déterminé à maintenir notre système de santé aussi fort que possible et à investir dans de nouvelles recherches scientifiques et dans le domaine de la santé.
Notre gouvernement a également l'intention de prendre des mesures pour créer la confiance du public dans les institutions publiques du Canada. Travailler pour la transparence parlementaire et un dialogue constructif avec notre gouvernement est un élément clé de notre démocratie, une chose que nous prenons très au sérieux. Notre gouvernement s'est engagé à donner suite à chaque motion adoptée par notre Chambre des communes et à prendre les mesures qui s'imposent. Si aucune mesure n'est prise, les Canadiens méritent une raison. Cela étant dit, le gouvernement présentera également un projet de loi visant à faire en sorte que les futurs gouvernements fassent de même. Ce gouvernement veillera également à ce que les Canadiens puissent être entendus à la Chambre en élargissant le système grâce auquel les citoyens peuvent demander au gouvernement de prendre des mesures sur des questions importantes. pour eux, l'objectif conduisant à un changement positif par le biais de la législation.
L'infrastructure est ce qui relie les Canadiens et nous unit en tant que pays. Notre gouvernement est déterminé à veiller à l'amélioration de nos réseaux d'infrastructure physique et numérique et à permettre de meilleures connexions entre les Canadiens. Ces améliorations seront des partenariats entre chaque niveau de gouvernement, identifiant les principaux domaines de besoins; affecter des fonds suffisants aux zones d’échec. Un de ces domaines comprend nos réseaux de chemin de fer. Nous avons constaté maintes et maintes fois que des services insuffisants ont entraîné des pertes coûteuses pour notre économie. Ce gouvernement veillera à ce que les trains arrivent et que des réparations soient effectuées pour que notre réseau fonctionne bien. Ce gouvernement travaillera également à renforcer les liens entre les collectivités des Premières nations et le reste du Canada par le biais des routes, des voies ferrées et du transport aérien. Nous sommes tous Canadiens et nous ne devons pas laisser des communautés isolées bloquées. Ce gouvernement mènera l’étude prévue par la loi sur l’étude du train à grande vitesse et examinera la viabilité de la mise en oeuvre d’un tel plan une fois la proposition rédigée.
Investir dans des solutions canadiennes pour étendre la couverture des télécommunications constituera un objectif clé de ce gouvernement. Notre ère technologique moderne est de plus en plus connectée via Internet, mais beaucoup d’entre elles sont laissées pour compte en raison de la maigre couverture et des frais excessivement élevés. Ce gouvernement investira dans des solutions canadiennes pour combler le fossé technologique auquel nous sommes confrontés aujourd'hui et collaborera avec les entreprises de télécommunications et les communautés locales pour élaborer de véritables solutions permettant de réduire les coûts.
Bien que nous rendions notre monde aussi vivable que possible, le Canada ne doit pas laisser derrière elle la beauté qui rend notre pays si grand. Ce gouvernement veillera à ce que la protection de notre environnement et de la prospérité économique aillent de pair. Les nouvelles technologies telles que la capture du carbone peuvent nous aider à atténuer les effets du changement climatique. Ce gouvernement travaillera avec les plus gros pollueurs et élaborera de vraies solutions. Notre beauté naturelle est l’un des aspects les plus importants du Canada et notre gouvernement est déterminé à faire en sorte que nos étendues sauvages restent intactes. Notre gouvernement croit également que pour que les Canadiens puissent vraiment défendre leurs paysages, ils doivent vraiment en profiter. C'est pourquoi il est important d'ouvrir nos parcs nationaux aux Canadiens pour que les Canadiens puissent vraiment apprécier le pays dans lequel ils se trouvent. Ce gouvernement investira dans nouvelle recherche sur l’énergie verte et cherchera à promouvoir l’énergie hydroélectrique là où elle est viable. Ce gouvernement reconnaît également la nécessité d'équilibrer l'environnement et l'économie.
L'agriculture canadienne est très importante et les grands agriculteurs canadiens ne doivent pas être oubliés. Le Canada possède une grande quantité de terres arables et l'agriculture a été un élément essentiel de l'histoire et du patrimoine du Canada. Pour que l'agriculture canadienne continue de prospérer, le gouvernement appuiera le programme Agri-marketing afin de promouvoir les produits agricoles et agroalimentaires canadiens dans le monde entier, de maintenir le financement de FarmStart afin d'aider la prochaine génération de Canadiens à s'impliquer dans l'agriculture Agence d’inspection des aliments pour davantage d’inspections de la sécurité des aliments nationaux et importés.
Ce pays est aussi un pays qui a une histoire mémorable. Ce gouvernement agira en protégeant nos monuments commémoratifs envers ceux qui ont construit notre pays et en veillant à ce que nos édifices et monuments patrimoniaux soient préservés pour les générations futures. Il est également reconnu que le chef du domicile de ce gouvernement, le 24, promenade Sussex, a désespérément besoin de réparations. Un plan visant à rendre le logement du premier ministre vivable est important, car plus nous attendrons, plus les Canadiens devront payer. Notre gouvernement s'est engagé à promouvoir les événements et les dates historiques de l'histoire canadienne et à renforcer la protection des édifices et monuments historiques.
Tout au long du discours du Trône que je vous lis aujourd'hui, de nombreux engagements ont été pris. Il y a un engagement qui dépasse les autres. Ce gouvernement, avant tout, s’engage à rétablir l’équilibre après trop longtemps de déficits constants et de mauvaise gestion budgétaire. Il est primordial pour le succès du Canada que nos dépenses soient maîtrisées et que le gouvernement retrouve un équilibre sur le plan de la responsabilité financière, raison pour laquelle le gouvernement s'efforcera avant tout d'équilibrer les comptes.
Respecter ces engagements peut ne pas être facile et nécessitera beaucoup de travail, mais les Canadiens s'attendent à ce qu'après tous les efforts déployés, jour après jour, leur gouvernement fasse de même. Nous nous engageons à ne pas être différent. Nous nous efforcerons de prendre une nouvelle voie et de revenir à la gouvernance intelligente et responsable que nous avons vue par le passé. Alors, travaillons ensemble et unissons-nous pour un Canada plus fort.
Députés de la Chambre des communes, il vous sera demandé d'affecter les fonds nécessaires à la réalisation des services et dépenses autorisés par le Parlement. Honorables membres du Sénat et de la Chambre des communes, les valeurs et la moralité canadiennes peuvent vous guider dans vos délibérations et vous faire de fidèles gardiens de la confiance qui vous est accordée.
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2017.08.31 13:01 TinaismyMIL Twoface Tina: I got married (Part 3)

Sorry for the delay in posting everyone! Life just got super hectic after the wedding. Sil #2 wedding is coming up on Sunday we are leave tomorrow morning for Ottawa and my best friend's wedding on Saturday then taking off early (like 6am) for Montreal so we don't miss all the getting ready stuff for sil #2 wedding (ON MY BIRTHDAY).
Okay back to the wedding! As you remember we had just finished photos in a park. DH and I wandered around taking photos while the bridal party waited for the limo. Due to the previously mentioned accident (street cars yo) it took the limo an insanely long time to get from the park to the hotel back to the park.
Literally we finished off the couples photos and met the limo which took us to the venue.
My best friend followed me around holding my dress train up and so many people stopped and congratulated us and shook DH it was a bit crazy since Toronto is very much a hands off, head down ingnore the world city.
So we cram into the limo it's so packed that my BFF has to sit on the bar rather than in a seat. It's not a terribly long time to the venue though.
Despite being horribly late for photo's we showed up 10 minutes late to the venue and 55 minutes before the ceremony! Go us!
The venue has two different areas the main hall where the ceremony/dinnedancing takes place and a pub upstairs. So all the girls were hanging out in the pub while the boys got everyone seated. They limo made two more rounds before heading off. Seriously it was the best wedding gift I could have ever gotten from one of my "Aunts".
The girls attacked my dress with tide to go sticks to get rid of the grass/city stains we picked up while roaming downtown. We get my veil on we all get a stiff drink from the bartender!
We paid for 1oz mixed drinks/bar rail, beer & wine no double & no neat drinks. Which was funny because my polish bm only drinks it straight (but actually drinks it) so I said yes she could have neat drinks but no one else lol. My DH tried to order a double and the bartender said no until they confirmed that he was the groom!
We get everyone seated. Originally Fil was going to walk Tina down the aisle but at the last second that changed and DH walked Tina down the aisle. Whatever.
My soon to be brother in law walked my mom down the aisle. My Doc (Day of coordinator) at the last second gave My mom the toss bouquet to carry as well. I found out later that it gave Tina a huge CBF that my mom got flowers and she didn't (seriously though we didn't do flowers for the moms or boutonnieres because they're a huge waste of $$). It wasn't planned just my DOC thinking on her feet.
So the boys are at the front my sister is first down the aisle with her kids who thankfully behaved and sat nicely with grandpa/slept on various Aunts for the ceremony.
The other girls go down the aisle.
And then MY DAD WALKED ME DOWN THE ASILE. Seriously I'm crying just thinking of it. He's used his cane and the aisle wasn't very long (10m) but he did it. I was so proud (for those of you need to the saga my dad has Spinal cancer and wasn't supposed to walk again but with intense physio he is doing short distances). We got the most amazing photo of him "giving me away" which as old fashioned as it sounds is perfect.
The ceremony is a bit of a blur. I cried a lot. I had a proper hankie but that was soaked so the girls kept handing me tissues and I kept stuffing them into my dress/bra. I'm super glad that we recorded the ceremony because honestly despite writing every word with the officiant I hardly remember it.
The only thing I vividly remember was the LIPSTICK ON MY HUSBANDS NECK! It wasn't Tina (she wouldn't be caught dead wearing lipstick) it was my husbands aunt! He didn't know it was there, whoops.
We used an iPad and Spotify for our wedding pre ceremony, ceremony & cocktail hour. My officiant was super skeptical as she's had many "iPod" weddings fail but it worked perfectly. We had specific playlists, cross fading, someone to manipulate the list & volume (slowly fading the volume up and down rather than abruptly cutting it off). So it worked fantastically.
We sign the paperwork, finish the ceremony walk down the aisle and get a big group shot at the stairs in front of the venue.
The only thing I found out much later (when we got our photos back) that instead of waiting for my mom and dad to go down the aisle Tina all but ran down the aisle after us and my mom followed then the dads went which is super disappointing because I wanted a photo of my mom and dad walking together but what ya going to do?
So we go to the pub for cocktail hour while the venue, my doc & decorator transform the room in like an hour. Seriously no idea how they pulled it off. The chairs were already covered from the ceremony & each centre piece was put together just needed to literally get set on the table and go!
I got a few nibbles of food, thank God because I was starving at that point, while the girls bustled my dress.
We went around and thanked everyone we could, but missed some people took a ton of photos did a few large extended family photos and then it was time for dinner! I went to get some apps only to find they had all been eaten. Disappointed but at least food wasn't going to waste. As I was going down the stairs to the dining room RIPPPPPPP one of the groomsmen trod on the hem of my bustle and ripped the bustling apart.
Thankfully two of my bridesmaid and an Aunt are master sewers and they were on their hands and knees stitching my bustle back together! Thank God my DOC got extra needle and thread packages from the hotel and had the foresight to bring them with her!
Everyone is seated in the dining room and waiting for me to get my dress fixed and again I found out later that Tina started to loudly complain that we were running behind and that dinner was HOURS AWAY.
Ehh. I found out later that someone had told people that there would be a large gap between cocktail hour and dinner so people really packed on their hor d'oeuvres. Thus they were all stuffed and hardly anyone ate the cake!
So we go to do the grand entrance and the DJ plays all the wrong songs and skips the music and finally gets it right when we get to the head table ehh. Whatever.
Also I had to keep telling him to turn it down. I hate when dinner music is so loud that you can't talk at a normal volume to the person next to you. Thankfully he got it right.
We sit down and food magically appears with-in 3 minutes wine is served all around (but the bar is closed so cbf from Tina because she doesn't drink wine). Thank God because I am starving beyond all belief. I inhaled all of my food and half of my moh's! Food was amazing people are still talking about how good the food was!
My amazing friend from South Africa is my MC, she lives in Montreal and is aware of all the Tina crazies so she did a great job of controlling the Mic. Literally next to her the entire time.
My sister, the best man, my moh all did speeches. I laughed, and I cried, a lot. They were all beautiful. I'm so glad we got them all on recording.
I had originally wanted Sil #1 to do a speech for his family but Tina kicked off, threatening not to come, saying what a terrible and ungrateful son DH was etc etc so we agreed to a joint Tina & Fil speech.
My MC kept her finger on the kill switch the entire time. Literally you could see all of the people who know the Tina drama take a sharp breath waiting for her to go full crazy.
Tina started off by saying that their speech would be short because there had already been "so many speeches". And how long they had been (less than 5 minutes a piece). She basically talked about what an handsome and generous guy DH is. How proud she was that he's here getting married. Etc etc she literally didn't mention me once! Oi. She wrap up with a toast and the fil takes the mic and basically says how proud he is if both of us and finishes with "PB welcome to the family"
Everyone claps and Tina grabs the Mic and says "Oh yeah," really sarcastically "welcome to the family". It was a such an obvious after thought that it was like a record scratch in the room.
My MC jumped right in and moved the room into the kissing game which was amazing and fun. Finally my dad did a speech which made me cry so much.
We did a quick thank you speech and made rounds of the room. It was only then in the back corner did I spot one of my best friends who's active military. She was flying planes overseas and couldn't make it back I was heart broken but understood. She found out on Tuesday that she could get a temporary loa, fly back to Canada get a military flight to Trenton and borrowed a friend's car to drive from Trenton to Toronto to be at my wedding. She took it upon herself to find my Doc on Facebook and arrange the whole thing without me knowing on the off chance she couldn't make it Seriously I sobbed all over her. I can't believe the lengths she went to be at my wedding.
I cried so much, thank God my HUMA put so much water proofing on my make up seriously. Like ever other photo I'm crying in!
Again I found out much later that Tina had tried you poke fun at me for crying so much but DH aunts shut her down with a "it's her wedding she can cry if she wants to" type comment.
After dessert and we've cut the cake most people shuffle out to the bar and the venue quickly moved tables to make a dance floor.
While they're doing this I sit down and eat my dessert and quickly catch up with my military friend while we together finish off half a bottle of champagne together!
Once the dance floor is ready DH & I do our first dance. It was magical we picked this song two years prior on and big vacation we took together and it was pretty much the moment that DH realized he wanted to marry me.
Then my Dad and I did a dance. I just expected him to stand there and sway. Nope he spun me around and danced and sang until about a 3rd of the way through the song he didn't use his cane either. Then he stopped and leaned on me, clearly In pain. I wanted to stop but he said no so we kept dancing. It was amazing. I have a couple of great photos as well and I love them so much.
I helped my dad to his seat on the edge of the dance floor as DH and Tina go up for the son/mom dance. As she passes me she leans in and whispers "Finally my turn now".
I walked away because I had to stop myself from snapping back. I went and sat with a friend of mine who knows all the Tina drama and told him what she just said and he replied with "that bitch".
He filled me in that Tina had been a bit snarky but everytime she started up my Doc or an aunt would step in! Thank God for wranglers. Also he had been terrified what she would say during her speech but In the end just ended up looking petty if you knew the drama and maybe a bit Jocsta if you didn't.
After their dance we opened the dance floor which was filled for like two songs and then emptied in favour of the bar lol.
Most of DH aunts & uncles left are that point also Sil #1 left before the dances because they wanted to put the baby to bed.
Most people stayed until after the bouquet toss and then the early birds left. We stayed and partied until close to 2am. Went back to the hotel and gifted the night crew some left over cake (we had tons because everyone was still full plus we had midnight pizza delivered).
My moh cut me out of my dress & went to bed. But not before getting a photo of DH & I passed out in our clothes on the bed!
DH and I took a bath in the giant jacuzzi tub and went to sleep because we were so exhausted.
The next morning we had brunch in the hotel organized, DH was really disappointed that his aunts and uncles who rsvp yes didn't end up showing up.
All of mine showed up as well as many of our friends including several who weren't staying in the hotel.
Tina & co came for brunch and left early saying they had to go back to Montréal. We invited them to our house to open presents and visit (that Sil #1 & #2 and their respect partners have never seen) and they refused which also upset DH.
Several of our friends ended up helping us offload the hotel room and the presents and bring them back to our place they all sat around and helped us eat left over food & open presents and eat pizza generally it was a great day for us!
That's the end of the immediate wedding drama! There's a bit more after the fact but this post is also insanely long and probably filled with errors because I've been awake for 24 hours straight at this point! So apologies in advance for the typos.
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2016.05.06 07:24 MrWhoople How-To: Overlord

Hoping to stop the flood of Overlord help threads. The intention here is to provide a definitive list of what's viable for aspiring Overlord players, rather than pointing out a distinct deck list. Deck building for Vanguard is already rather easy tbh. Cards are listed in no particular order of strength. If I forgot something or you disagree feel free to comment.
Grade 0:
Dragon Knight, Sadegh
Lizard Hero, Undeux
Red Pulse Dracokid
Tech options
Lizard Solider, Conroe
Gatling Claw Dragon
Seal Dragon, Artpique
Demonic Dragon Mage, Rakshasa
Grade 1:
Calamity Tower Wyvern
Lava Flow Dragon
ANY <> Perfect Guard
Lizard General, Conroe
Spear of the Flame Dragon, Tahr
Tech options
Lizard Soldier, Bellog
Dragonic Gaias
Dragon Monk, Gojo
Dragon Partner, Monica
Protect Orb Dragon
Grade 2
Dragonic Burnout
Burning Horn Dragon
Perdition Dragon, Dragonic Neoflame
Emperor Dragon Knight, Nehalem
Tech options
Armor of the Flame Dragon, Bahr
Beserk Lord Dragon
Grade 3
Dragonic Overlord (Breakride)
Dragonic Overlord the End
Perdition Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord The Great
Dragonic Overlord "The Legend"
Dragonic Overlord, The "X"
Tech options
Dauntless Drive Dragon
Dragonic Blademaster
Transcendence Dragon, Dragonic Nouvelle Vague [Requires his engine], pairs best with Dauntless/DoTL. Yes I know that he's a grade 4. He still belongs here because of the engine.
Struggle bus budget
Dragonic Overlord
Spherical Lord Dragon
Grade 4
Divine Dragon Knight, Mustafa [Run 1, pair with Vortex]
Flame Emperor Dragon King, Asile Orb Dragon
Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord "the Ace"
Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Vortex Desire [Run 1, pair with Mustafa]
Transcendence Divine Dragon, Nouvelle Vague L’Express
Weak, retire based tech
Flame Emperor Dragon King, Iresist Dragon
Flame Emperor Dragon King, Root Flare Dragon
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2014.04.23 03:54 Wolfenhex [Postmortem] Pixel: ru² @ PAX East 2014

We are a two person developer team from Huntsville, AL. We've been working on our game Pixel: ru² for over three years in our spare time.
We have been taking our game to small conventions over the years, including: ChargerCon, Hama-Con, and Con Nooga. We also have attended PAX Prime before, so we had a rough idea of what to expect form having a booth at PAX East.
I'll start out with the cost.
Here is the breakdown for how much having a booth at the event cost us.
Item Cost
Booth $1,525.00
Mini-Cards (800) $237.38
Product Key Cards (300) $64.70
Buttons (250) $60.19
Travel (gas) $205.01
Travel (motels) $132.15
Parking $84.00
Water Taxi / Subway $55
Hotel $1,231.48
Total: $3,594.91
Aside from the money spent on that, there is also the cost of some stuff that we'll be able to use at other events. Here's the breakdown of that.
Item Cost
T-Shirts (6) $136.55
Table $99.99
Speaker $159.99
Total: $396.53
I am not including food on these lists being that can vary so much from person to person. We did spend $95.31 on groceries to take with us. We also probably spent around $200 on food at stops along the way as well as breakfast and dinner at the 7-Eleven that was between the hotel and the convention center.
We budgeted $4300 total for everything.
We decided to drive instead of fly to PAX East because it was a lot cheaper. The cost for plane tickets would have been around $800 each (so $1600 total for the both of us). And that wouldn't include bringing the stuff for our booth. It did take a lot longer travel time, and required staying overnight at a motel each way, but it was worth it in the end.
Our Booth
We had a 10x10 corner booth that was in the corner nearby the Exhibitor Lounge and Enforcer HQ. NewEgg was the nearest landmark (a few asiles down), and Loot Crate was the closest big name booth (across from us).
Overall I am very happy about the layout we had at our booth. We were able to display our moving train computer up front to attract people to our booth, and still were able to have two stations setup for our game.
Pixel received a lot of positive feedback. The best feedback we have ever received at a convention. We had almost constant traffic at our booth other than at the very beginning of each day. Both me and my partner were on our feet talking to people almost the entire time. It was great, we had a lot of good feedback and have a list of stuff to work on by PAX Prime.
PAX sent out an e-mail containing all the contact information for all the members of the press. There were over 700 contacts on it. We sent out an e-mail to almost every one of them, explaining the game, where we'll be, and inviting them to come over take a look. We received three replies, and only two of them stopped by. Here are reviews from press that stopped by:
The networking both me and my partner experienced at PAX was amazing. We met lots of other great indie devs (from both big and small studios), devs from big name studios, members of the press, people that work at companies like Google, Sony, Valve, and just a lot of great attendees who all seemed very positive about us and our game.
Things To Improve
Book a hotel close to the convention center as soon as you can. Even if you don't know for sure you are going. It is a lot nicer having a hotel room close to the convention center instead of on the other side of the harbor and requiring public transportation to get back and forth.
Expect to eat out. Bring food with you (if you can) to be safe, but if you plan on networking, expect to spend the money eating out with other people.
Bring hand sanitizer. This is something we knew already, but we forgot. Thankfully, we didn't need any this time, but in the past we have and it's worth having for those instances.
Contact sponsors sooner. We ended up getting GX Gaming to sponsor us and provide prizes for our leaderboard competition, but talks for that happened about two weeks before PAX East. Things worked out for us, but everyone involved would have prefered having longer notice.
Take lots of pictures and video. Because we were so busy, we had a hard time taking pictures and photos of the event. We actually had to ask on Reddit to see if anyone else had any. Try to make sure you get pictures, it's great to show the reaction your game creates at an event. You can see the videos we have here:
This is all I can think of saying right now, but I'll probably add to this post in the next day or so. If there's anything you'd like to hear about, please ask. I'm open to talk about anything with this event.
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2011.06.04 05:23 justinzagar WTF is this world coming to?

Prepare yourself for a wall of text.
So my partner David and I were casually shopping at our local Walmart. We were in the store for about ten minutes, walking down a random asile, when we hear "GAY!" as someone walks by the asile we're in. It was one of those unmistakable, cough GAY! cough things, but the word was very loud and very clear.
Let me give a little background to David and myself: I avoid confrontation at all costs; whether it be minor or major. If I was alone today, I would have just done my best to ignore them and get out of the store as quickly as possible. David, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. After growing up in a hateful household, and being outed by having his Yahoo profile (which contained his sexual orientation) plastered over the entire school, he's not one to cower and hide his feelings.
And we've had this problem before. There've been many times where someone may or may not have said something derogitorry under their breath. And each time I've told him to "let it go, let's just leave". But this time was different. This time, even I heard it clear as day. "GAY!"
So even though my first instinct was to tell David to "let it go", I relented. So David turned around and said, "what'd you say?" They kept walking, kind of ignoring David but glancing back. Then David said, "Come back here, and say what you just said to my face."
So finally they stopped, turned around, and said, "We didn't say anything." David said, "I heard you say it. So say it again." Nothing. Getting nowhere, David turned around and walked away. Just as he met back up with me, we both hear again - a few asiles over: "GAY!"
After considering our options (do we go to the manager? should we just leave? should we finish shopping?), we decide to get the rest of what we came for and leave.
As we're down another asile, and David and I are still fuming about what happened, all three of them walk up to us. The leader of the pack in front, while the guilty one lags behind. The leader says, "I just wanted to tell you... he didn't say GAY. He said CAME." At that point, David lost it.
"I don't believe you. He heard it too!" (referring to me) "One of these days, you're going to offend the wrong person, and you're going to get your ass beat. I work just as hard as you. I am a normal person. A human. Just. Like. You. This is 2011 boys, grow the fuck up." And with that, we walked off and out of the store.
The main reason I'm posting this is because I learned a very important lesson tonight. By me ignoring these guys and letting them get away with the name calling, I am enabling them to do it more. By not standing up for myself, I am letting another person get hurt. And when these guys end up having children, they're going to teach them to do the same thing.
I sincerely hope that tonight, at least one of those boys (or the many idle bystanders) learned that it's not okay to do what they did. And when a similar situation presents itself, they handle it differently.
Sorry for the long post, and thanks for reading.
TL;DR: My partner and I got harassed and actually did something about it.
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EX PARTNER❤️NEDEN GERİ DÖNMÜYOR?❤️HERŞEYİ YAPTIM AMA ?❤️GEÇMİŞİNDE NELER BİTİYOR ?❤️TEKAMÜL YOLUMUZ Desi and Aseel Marouane Assil - YouTube 40 Strong Pure Asils Chicks Of Faisalbutt27  This Season Began To Start Hatching ASIL 2008 Summer Associates Briefing on International Dispute Resolution and Arbitration How to dye tape in hair extensions..Glam Seamless Extensions

Determining functional safety levels for automotive ...

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  7. Train Partner for Show

Train Partner for Show Qaib Pama Oklahoma. Loading... Unsubscribe from Qaib Pama Oklahoma? ... sin superlock vs asil x thai - Duration: 3:34. Lucky Mel Recommended for you. 3:34. See NYC Stylist Asil @asilmsk and partner Mandi transform a models hair in Asil's NYC salon. Color used #60, which is the best extension color to use for custom colored extensions. The briefing session featured presentations by Lucy Reed, ASIL President and Partner at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, and Jonathon C. Hamilton, Partner at White & Case, LLP. Partner ile burçtaşsanız (güneş burçlarınız aynıysa) lütfen partnerinizin ay burcunu baz alınız. 🔮 Tarot Dersleri 🔮@tarotokuyucusu ve daha fazlası için buraya TIKLAYIN ... The Koi Partner Recommended for you. 54:04. Top 5 Aseel Murga Breed for Sale ... Mehraj Aseel Farm Peela & Abras Asil Chicken - Duration: 16:43. FSA Entertainment 45,467 views. DigiSay Partners Youness Official Channel - Channel. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe. Rhany Kabbadj - Channel. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe. Somadina Officiel l سومادينا ... what's app 03334312701 You can Ask any question about breeding Here is i am showing my 4 roster and pure aseel hens chicks and i am giving my followers some ...